The brief story of the national anthem of Pakistan:

1) Pakistans National Anthem was composed by musician Ahmad G. Chhagla
in 1949. There were used 21 music instruments and 38 different tones.

2) The National Anthem was written by famous poet Hafeez Jalendhary
(1900-82) in 1952, which was selected from 723 competing songs and the
prize money was Rs. 10.000. Pakistan's national anthem is written in
the Persian language and it has only a single word "ka" in its
"national language" Urdu.

3) Singers were Ahmad Rushdi, Shamim Bano, Kokab Jehan, Rasheeda Begum,
Najam Ara, Naseema Shaheen, Zwar Hussain, Akhtar Abbas, Ghulam Dastgir,
Anwar Zaheer and Akhtar Wassi.

4) The National Song was first time released on Radio Pakistan on August 13th, 1954.