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Allah Insaan Sey Fermata Hey

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Allah Insaan Sey Fermata Hey

Post by Sana Zahid on 20th March 2012, 5:39 pm

Meri Teraf A Ker To Dekh
Mutawjah Na Hoon To Kehna

Meari Rah Main Chal K To Dekh
Rahain Na Khool Doo To Kehna

Mujh Sey Sawal Ker K Dekh
Bakhshish Ki Had Na Ker Doon To Kehna

Meray Liye Beyqader Ho K To Dekh
Qader Ki Had Na Ker Doon To Kehna

Meray Liye Lut K To Dekh
Rehmat K Khazaney Na Luta Doon To Kehna

Meray Liye Bik K To Dekh
Anmool Na Ker Doo To Kehna

Mujhey Rab Maan K To Dekh
Sab Sey Beyniyaaz Na Kerdoo To Kehna

Meray Khuaf Sey Ansoo To Baha K To Dekh
Maghfirat K Darya Na Bahadoo To Kehna

Wafa Ki Laaj Nibha K To Dekh
Ata Ki Had Na Kerdoon To Kehna

Meray Naam Ki Tazem Ker K To Dekh
Hakim-e-Takreem Ki Inteha Na ker Do To Kehna

Apni Hasti Ko Fana Ker K To Dekh
Jam-e-Baqa Sey Serfaraze Na Kerdoo To Kehna

Mujhey Haieyolkaieyoom Man K To Dekh
Abdi Hayat Ka Ameen Na Banadoon To Kehna

Mera Ho K To Dekh
Her Kisi Ko Tera Na Bana Doon To Kehn
Sana Zahid
Senior Member


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