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HOPE … (25th December) "Dedicated to the memory of our beloved Quaid-e Azam"

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HOPE … (25th December) "Dedicated to the memory of our beloved Quaid-e Azam"

Post by saadat tahir on 24th December 2011, 6:40 pm

Hissing wind and the swishing sea,
with a vengeance turns the wind to lee.

Ragging sails, the ship is free.
Seagull screams in the distance see.

Distraught people in a ship at sway,
creaking stern and the ropes'll, fray.

Vociferous sounds of the angry spray.
To ghastly thoughts the heart a prey.

Not a soul aboard that doth not pray.
Rising hands against the wicked gray.

O' Lord "Save us from the swishing array"!
Confusion mounting screams of dismay.

Such was the scene and even yet,
a man in white I cannot forget.

unaware of all the cold and wet,
he sat eyes closed and face all set.

He muttered to himself now and then,
free from feelings of where and when.

The calm of his face in darkness shown,
with a majestic grandeur; he left his throne.

Thus he spoke to the people aloud!
"Brothers and sisters look at the cloud.

The lord remembers his creation's plight,
through the crevice comes a ray of light,

the rescue boats you need not fight.
For yonder look the land's in sight"

Saadat tahir
(from personal files--Vintage 1985)
saadat tahir
New Member

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Re: HOPE … (25th December) "Dedicated to the memory of our beloved Quaid-e Azam"

Post by mehboob on 25th December 2011, 4:59 am

great sharing dear
keep it up

Senior Member

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